How to optimize your Business Profile on Google

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Key take-aways

Google My Business is a valuable tool that enables businesses to establish a complimentary Business Profile on Google, fostering connections with prospective customers and enhancing their online visibility. With just a few simple steps, you can effortlessly claim or create your business listing. Once you’ve verified your ownership, you’ll be well-equipped to unleash the full potential of your profile. Discover below some uncomplicated techniques to optimize your profile and extract the utmost value from it.

1. Provide as much information as possible

2. Make it easy for clients to contact you

3. Regularly update and improve your profile

4. Take advantage of category-specific features

5.  Provide technical SEO and link building

6.  Acquire Positive Reviews and have a great user experience





Leverage the power of your Google Business Profile, make sure to regularly upload eye-catching images. Captivating visuals have the potential to capture the attention of individuals actively searching for businesses like yours on Google.

1. Provide as much information as possible

After successfully claiming, creating, and verifying your Business Profile with Google My Business, the next crucial step is to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all your information. Pay close attention to essential details such as your business name, logo, address, and phone number, and double-check that they are up-to-date and error-free.

Additionally, carefully review and verify other elements included in your Business Profile, such as your business category, website link, reviews, photos, opening hours, and unique short name. Research has demonstrated that profiles with comprehensive information are twice as likely to be perceived as reputable, making it worthwhile to invest a little time in ensuring your business appears trustworthy online.

Sharing this information plays a significant role in instilling confidence in potential customers, assuring them that your business can fulfill their needs. When people search for relevant products or services on Google Search and Google Maps, your Business Profile will be prominently displayed. The past two years have witnessed a significant surge, with a 500% increase in “near me” searches containing phrases like “can I buy” or “to buy.” This trend signifies that more people rely on these platforms to make informed decisions about where to go and what to purchase. If your business fails to appear on Google Maps during a relevant search, potential customers may seek alternatives elsewhere.

For instance, imagine a donut shop owner in Los Angeles who wants to inform prospective customers that the bakery opens at 5 am to cater to the early morning rush. By ensuring that potential customers can readily see if the donut shop is open or closed when they search for a donut shop, the chances of them considering a visit to this donut shop significantly increase.

2. Regularly update, improve & keep your business profile updated

Just as a physical shop updates its display in the storefront to attract potential customers, your Business Profile on Google serves as your digital equivalent. Keeping your profile up-to-date and visually appealing increases the chances of driving traffic to your website or enticing people to visit your physical shop.

Photos play a vital role in capturing the interest of potential clients searching for businesses like yours. Regularly posting eye-catching images on your profile allows potential customers to get a glimpse of your products, spaces, or team members, creating a favorable impression and setting you apart from the competition. Businesses with photos receive 42% more direction requests, emphasizing the significance of images when people are deciding where to go.

Utilize posts on Google My Business to stay connected with both past and potential customers. These posts enable you to share updates and photos visible to anyone visiting your listing, providing an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality, highlight reasons to visit, and engage with your audience. Whether it’s featuring new stock, announcing special offers, or sharing news and event information, posts are a valuable tool. Note that featured posts are prominently displayed on your Google listing for up to seven days before being moved to the “Posts” tab.

Monitoring your opening hours is crucial to avoid disappointing visitors. With Google My Business, you can set your general opening hours and make customizations for public holidays or any other instances where prospective customers may encounter a “closed” sign.

By leveraging photos, posts, and accurate opening hours, your Business Profile can effectively attract customers, strengthen your brand’s image, and drive foot traffic to your physical store or website.

3. Make it easy for potential clients to contact you

Your Business Profile on Google serves as a valuable platform for connecting and engaging with potential customers, enabling meaningful conversations about your business, products, or services. By including a phone number in your profile, you provide a seamless and convenient way for prospective customers to call you directly from their smartphones. Whether they find you through Google Maps or Google Search, contacting you with inquiries becomes effortless with just a tap of their finger.

However, phone calls aren’t the only means of engagement available. You can also have real-time conversations with interested potential customers by activating the instant messaging feature for Google My Business. This feature allows business owners to monitor incoming queries and promptly provide information to potential customers through chat.

Consider the scenario of a shoe shop in Cambridge. If a customer inquires about the availability of a specific shoe size and style through the Business Profile, the business owner can instantly respond using the chat feature from their smartphone. They can encourage the customer to visit the shop and complete the purchase. Even if the owner is the sole person working in the shop that day, the convenience of instant messaging ensures that they can respond to potential customers at their convenience, particularly during quieter periods when foot traffic is minimal.

4. Take advantage of category-specific features

Google My Business offers special features based on your business category:

  • Hotels can display class ratings and list amenities.
  • Bars and restaurants can include online ordering and reservation links, as well as menus and menu items.
  • Health and beauty businesses can add booking buttons and service menus.

These features enhance user understanding and make interaction more convenient. If available, utilize them. Pay attention to your business category and select specific attributes for your listing.


  • Choose a specific category to appear in relevant searches. For example, opt for “women’s hair salon” instead of “salon”. Secondary categories can be added for multiple services.


  • Attributes provide additional information. Check which attributes are available for your business, such as payment types, accessibility, or free WiFi. Stand out by highlighting qualities like “women-led” or “LGBTQ-friendly”.

Engage with prospective customers through Google My Business. Keep your profile updated and take advantage of all features to maximize visibility to potential customers actively seeking businesses like yours.

5. Technical SEO: Link Building

To optimize your website and improve its search engine ranking, there are several key steps to follow. First, ensure your website has a fast loading speed to provide a seamless user experience. It is also essential to optimize your website for mobile devices, making it mobile-friendly to cater to the increasing number of mobile users. Creating an XML sitemap and submitting it to Google Search Console helps search engines understand and crawl your site effectively. Optimizing your website’s robots.txt file allows you to control how search engines navigate and index your pages. Additionally, fix any broken links or 404 errors on your website to maintain a smooth browsing experience for your visitors. Furthermore, building high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites is crucial for improving your website’s visibility. Engaging in guest posting, creating compelling content, and forming partnerships are effective strategies to acquire backlinks. Lastly, harness the power of social media promotion to encourage sharing and linking to your content. By implementing these practices, you can enhance your website’s performance and increase its chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

6. Acquire Positive Reviews: User Experience

To cultivate a positive online reputation and enhance user experience on your website, there are several important steps to follow. First, encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, as this can boost your reputation and attract potential customers. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, demonstrates your engagement and commitment to customer satisfaction. Regularly monitor and manage your online reputation to address any issues promptly. Additionally, ensure your website is user-friendly with easy navigation and a clear, intuitive design. Optimize your website’s internal linking structure to improve accessibility and enhance the user journey. Improve your website’s loading speed to provide a seamless browsing experience. Lastly, focus on delivering valuable and relevant content to enhance the overall user experience. By implementing these strategies, you can build a strong online reputation and create a user-friendly environment that attracts and retains customers.


7. NAP (Name, Address, Phone): Local Citations and Directories

Consistency in your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) across all online platforms is crucial for maintaining credibility and improving local search visibility. Start by verifying that your NAP details match precisely on your website, directories, and social media profiles. This consistency will help search engines and customers trust the accuracy of your information. Additionally, submit your business to local directories and citation websites to enhance your online presence. Double-check that your NAP information remains consistent across these platforms to ensure accurate and reliable data for potential customers seeking your business online. By maintaining NAP consistency, you can strengthen your local search optimization efforts and provide a seamless experience for customers looking to connect with your business.

8. Website Optimization: Google Maps Embed - Content Marketing

To improve your website’s local search visibility, there are key strategies to implement. Firstly, optimize your website by incorporating local search keywords relevant to your business and location. Include your business name, address, and phone number on your website to ensure consistency and aid in local search rankings. If you have multiple locations, consider creating location-specific landing pages to target different areas effectively. Embedding a Google Maps widget on your website helps associate your site with your physical location, reinforcing local relevance. Additionally, focus on creating high-quality, unique, and engaging content that delivers value to your audience. Regularly update your website with fresh content to keep it relevant and appealing. Diversify your content marketing strategy by incorporating various formats like blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts. By implementing these practices, you can enhance your website’s local search optimization and attract targeted traffic from your local area.

9. Consistent Data Across Platforms & Online: Hiqh Quality Backlinks

Maintain an active presence on social media platforms that align with your business to reach a wider audience and foster customer engagement. To maximize your online presence and visibility, it is important to implement several key practices. Regularly update your Google My Business listing with fresh posts, captivating photos, and enticing offers to attract and engage potential customers. It is also essential to regularly audit and update your business information across all online platforms, ensuring consistency in your name, address, and phone number (NAP) details. Consistency in NAP information across directories, social media profiles, and your website helps establish trust and credibility. Additionally, focus on building high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites. Explore opportunities like guest posting, forming partnerships, and engaging in local sponsorships to acquire valuable backlinks that boost your website’s authority. By implementing these strategies, you can strengthen your online presence, increase your visibility, and drive more targeted traffic to your business.

10. Local SEO, Creating Social Signals: Mobile Friendliness

Encourage social sharing and interaction with your content, and leverage social media advertising to increase visibility. Secondly, prioritize mobile optimization by ensuring your website and Google My Business listing are mobile-friendly. Optimize loading speed for a seamless user experience. If applicable, optimize your website for local search by including your business name, address, and phone number (NAP), creating location-specific landing pages, and claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing. By implementing these tactics, you can strengthen your social presence, user experience, and local search visibility.  To enhance your online visibility and ensure a better user experience, consider implementing the following strategies. Firstly, focus on social signals by building a strong social media presence and engaging with your audience. 

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