Yext Replacement Service

Our Yext alternative is more effective, more affordable, and will make you up to 64% happier* One-time fee – no subscriptions or contracts Comprehensive cleanup on the sites that matter most Own your listings – stop renting them from Yext.

Directory submissions and correcting the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) are two important elements of local SEO. Directory submissions refer to the process of submitting a business’s information to online directories, while correcting the NAP refers to ensuring that the business’s information is accurate and consistent across all online directories. Together, these elements can help businesses improve their visibility in local search results and reach more potential customers.

Directory submissions are an important part of local SEO because they help businesses get listed in online directories, which are often used by customers to find local businesses. When a business submits its information to an online directory, it is creating a citation for its business, which is an important signal to search engines that the business is legitimate. The more citations a business has, the more likely it is to rank well in local search results.

However, it’s not enough to just submit a business’s information to online directories. The information must also be accurate and consistent across all directories. This is where correcting the NAP comes in. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number, and it’s important that this information is accurate and consistent across all directories. This is because search engines use NAP information to determine the relevance and authority of a business, and if the information is inconsistent, it can negatively impact the business’s visibility in search results.

To correct the NAP, businesses need to ensure that their information is accurate and consistent across all directories like Axciom, Yelloowpages, Yelp, Facebook, and Maerchant Circle

What You Get

Perfect listings on the most important sites

Careful, manual work is done by our in-house listing experts to rigorously audit, clean up, and build listings on sites that matter the most to your local search presence (see site list on the right).


More listings than you had with Yext

After taking care of your presence on the most valuable and critical sites, we’ll proceed to expand your local presence across the web’s best listing sites, including industry and city specific sites. We’ll check for existing listings, request removal of duplicates, and create 42 new listings for your location. When you cancel Yext, you will only lose about 30% of your listings. The rest will stick around. We come in after and backfill the listings you lost, plus add additional listings. You’ll end up with more listings than you had when you were with Yext.


Expanded local footprint

Some of your listings will disappear when you cancel Yext, but not all of them! We’ll build you 42 new listings in addition to whatever is left over — so you’ll end up with a significantly larger local footprint than you had with Yext (depending on your situation, this could be upwards of 100 listings)!


Ongoing support (without a recurring fee)

New phone number? Change of address? No problem. We’re always available to push updates to all the sites we work on. Fire us an email with the changes you need, we’ll charge you a one-time fee of $139 and manually update your listings quickly and carefully. Unlike with Yext, there’s no ongoing annual fee for this service.

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